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About Kevin Szabo Jr. Plumbing

Now entering our  5th year as an official company Kevin Szabo jr plumbing is running strong. I learned from the best my dad Kevin Szabo Sr, and he learned from his dad. Every one my four uncles are plumbers I guess you could say it's in my blood. we have really picked it up over the last 5 years and are ready for any job that comes our way. I can honestly tell you that out her on the south side that I have not seen a job we could not fix!  

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Read What Our Customers Are Saying About Us:

"Rodded my main from the roof in middle of winter, just to get me going. Having 5 kids I greatly appreciated it."
- Scott S.

"Water wasn't working right in my 3 story house for as long as I could remember until I called Kevin Szabo Jr Plumbing and he tracked it down to the main water supply valve for the house. after he changed it the water worked fine the kids were so excited they wanted to take off school.
- Marian W.

"I needed some quick plumbing installed before i put my cabinets in Kevin came over that day and stayed late to get the job done. He truly is a super plumber!"
- Maggie C.


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